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in Rewal, a place, in which carefree relaxation and active recreation combine each other perfectly.

Rewal is situated in the northern part of the West Pomerania province. This little holiday resort has charmed tourists with diverse landscapes and drawn them with a wide range of tourist attractions for years. High cliffs, sand dunes, pine forests, sandy, wide beach, unique, healthy microclimate. For over 6 years "Blue Flags", i. e. the international symbols of high-quality service and security guarantee, have been waving in the entire commune.

"Na Klifie" [On The Cliff] houses are located nearby the beach. The hum of the sea, the song of birds and clean, humid air – all that combines to create unique climate, peculiar solely to this place. As residents and tourists, we would wish to interfere with the environment that surrounds us as little as possible. "Na Klifie" proves that one can enjoy some truly happy holiday time in harmony with nature, without heaps of trash left behind :-)

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What is new in the 2021 season?

When our last guests left our Complex in October last year, we closed our summer houses for the winter time and ...started to work out a plan for 2021!

Novelty! Innovative SPA treatment NA KLIFIE - PLÉSYR.

That's a natural, safe and non-invasive alternative to botox! We are pleased to announce that PLÉSYR will be available to our guests already in this season.

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