Recreation & SPA

Recreation & SPA

Do the sun, water and lazing around sound like fun?

If so, relax, calm your mind, and let yourself unwind, using natural treatments available in our SPA.

Have you realised that water has an invaluable impact on your health and wellbeing? Our guests can use both water zones: the swimming pool and the SPA one.


The swimming pool zone

The swimming pool (the water level area of 35m2) of 10x3, 5x1,55 m, with the safety handle that facilitates getting in the pool and leaving it, as well as a wading pool of 5x3x0.5 m are at available to our guests. To secure the highest possible hygiene and safety standards for our guests, the shower and foot bath have been installed in the swimming pool zone. A qualified lifeguard will make sure your swim goes nice and smooth. Even in the case of bad weather our guests can use the swimming pool zone, equipped with a retractable roof.


The SPA zone

Graduation tower. – what’s that about?

If you live in a large city or you frequently suffer from upper respiratory tract infections and allergies, a graduation tower has been created just for you.

The graduation tower has been built from blackthorn branches with saline running down. The tower produces aerosol rich in sodium, iodine, magnesium, and potassium, allowing one to cleanse and thoroughly moisturize the body. Thirty minutes in the graduation tower helps absorb the dose of iodine comparable to app. 30 hour-stay at the seaside during the increased concentration of this element (e. g. after atmospheric discharges, during storms, strong wind or in autumn and early spring).


What are the medical properties of infrared sauna?

The infrared sauna (“sauna ir”), will help guests that suffer from types of back pain, osteoarthritis, slipped disk, peripheral vascular disease, post-injury condition of the organ of locomotion, diabetes, and obesity. The sauna booth is made of natural wood, and medical properties come from infrared radiation and thermal energy that it generates. The radiation is absorbed by the human body (till the depth of 3-4 cm), thus quickly, effectively, and directly acting on the entire body.

The infrared sauna does not need as high temperature as in the traditional one, 30-60 degrees Celsius being enough, which makes infrared sauna fit for both children and the elderly (if there are no medical contraindications).


Relaxation in the hot tub?

Who has never used the hot tub? Do you know the health benefits of this type of water massage? A strong stream of water helps remove fatigue and tension, especially in low back and legs. It’s a great way of relaxation. The appropriate hydro massage helps cure multiple serious back problems (particularly low back pain), injuries (e. g. sports injuries), and muscle, tendon, and ligament strains.