Active holidays

Active holidays

Do you like challenges? Sport? Rushes of adrenaline? Are you an outdoor person? If you answered YES at least once, you need to have a look at the list of the most interesting things to do in Rewal just below. It’s also an attractive option for families with children always full of beans and thirsty for the new experience. .

A bike ride  along the coast

If bike ride is your idea of fun, this is just the perfect offer for you! “Na Klifie” is located in the heart of a bike paradise, surrounded with multiple excellent cycling routes of different length and difficulty ratings. Discover the charm of the area during bike trips. You can find the detailed descriptions of cycling routes below:

Cycling routes

You haven’t taken your own bike on holiday? No worries, you can use the Rewal Bike System bike rental place, which offers the most modern equipment for active recreation that you can just rent in one resort town and return in the other. What’s more, with the Rewal Bike System the transport by the Rewal Narrow-gauge Railroad is free!

Link to the bike rental place

Warto wspomnieć, że tuż obok nas przebiega międzynarodowa trasa rowerowa tzw. EuroVelo (EV10) ciągnąca się wokół basenu Morza Bałtyckiego, w Polsce znana jako Nadmorski Szlak Rowerowy R-10. Począwszy od wyspy Uznam, a kończąc na Półwyspie Helskim - 350 km – przyznaj, że dystans robi wrażenie! Jeśli podejmiesz wyzwanie, koniecznie zajrzyj do kompleksu „Na Klifie”! Przygotowaliśmy niespodzianki i rabaty dla wytrwałych rowerzystów.

As we love horses

Holidays are an excellent time for developing your hobby and picking up a new one! The nearby “Felek” stud farm in Trzęsacz is happy to welcome you to summer horse-riding courses for beginners and advanced learners. A horse ride by the sea will be the unforgettable experience!

The youngest guests will be delighted to ride a pony, beginners can take the first steps under the supervision of the instructor, and advanced learners can brush up their skills in jumps and breaking, as well as take a romantic ride to the beach.

Booking available at: 609 652 670 prior to the visit.

Bird’s-eye view  of the coast

Would you like to experience something unforgettable? During paragliding not only will you feel a rush of adrenaline but also see for yourself how beautiful our coast is!

From the long May weekend till the end of summer holidays Sławek Kucharski, a lover of air sports, organises tandem flights. The flights with passengers take place on the cliff between Rewal and Trzęsacz. Depending on weather conditions, it is possible to paraglide freely (using only the power of the wind) to the altitude of 50-70 m, or with a backpack power to the altitude of 100-150 m, for 15 minutes. The flight does not require any previous training. If you want to experience the sky-high adventure, contact us at: 609 981 282.

Holiday survival on the Kajtur Training Area

The Kajtur Training Area, as the name indicates, is not a quiet place for relaxation. It is a perfect place for those who like THINGS GOING ON! You can choose whatever you want: extreme rallies, historic gatherings and festivals, military exercises, knight’s tournaments, off-roads, quads, paintball, rope activities and animation games. The Kajtur Training Area is a centre of attractions for children and adults. Check out the upcoming events at: 606 197 652.