What's up?

What is new in the 2021 season?

What is new in NA KLIFIE?

What is new in the 2021 season?

When our last guests left our Complex in October last year, we closed our summer houses for the winter time and ...started to work out a plan for 2021!

It is very important for us to provide the highest level of comfort to our guests. NA KLIFIE is a place that we created to make sure our guests will be able to truly relax, enjoy their holiday time, detach from reality and charge batteries for the entire year ;)

The talks with our customers proved to be an extremely valuable source of information. Your opinions were the basis for all activities that we took into consideration. Now it's time to apply them and 'raise the bar'!

The upcoming 2021 season will bring great changes and new facilities which, hopefully, will be positively approved of.

Here comes a list of them:


You can already book a chosen holiday house in the Complex NA KLIFIE using our online system! The link >HERE. Apart from such reservation method being quick and comfortable, we have prepared attractive special offers and bonuses for those who make a reservation on our website! Join us!

2. NEW CATEGORIES OF HOUSES (only for reservations made directly on our website na-klifie.pl)

Standard, Grill and Fun or Premium? This year we are offering our guests the choice of the house depending on the needs and preferences. The differences consist in the distance  of the house from the swimming pool (closer vs further) or house equipment, i.e. grill stuff. You can find more details in the special offer >MAJÓWKA 2021.


If you follow us on social media, you probably know, that our mini massage parlour NA KLIFIE provides services all year round! This offer is for the citizens of Rewal and the neighbourhood, as well as for those who visit our websites

Feel free to call us and make an appointment: 783 800 085.


We confirm that in the Complex NA KLIFIE you can use the tourist vouchers :)

These are all the facilities of which we can officially inform you for now. We still have plenty of ideas for new initiatives ;). As soon as we implement the ideas into practice, you will know about it first! Meanwhile we kindly invite you to book our summer houses NA KLIFIE in the 2021 season. We are starting on the May long weekend!