What's up?

Novelty! Innovative SPA treatment NA KLIFIE - PLÉSYR.

The Swiss brand  PLÉSYR is conquering western markets of aesthetic medicine, perfectly combining the most recent technologies with high quality natural components. That's a natural, safe and non-invasive alternative to botox!

We are pleased to announce that PLÉSYR will be available to our guests already in this season.

PLÉSYR mask is revolutionary, innovative and extremely efficient. What is its phenomenon?

Spectacular effects and naturalness - this is a combination which perfectly fits into the latest trends in cosmetology. Taking care of your skin, improvement of its appearance, elasticity, color evening, wrinkle reduction. Many people are still afraid of cosmetic surgeries, identifying them with application of artificial components and finally achieving unnatural effects. In case of PLÉSYR, you may be sure of the highest quality of products and natural results.

PLÉSYR mask - what does the treatment look like?

First cleansing! To obtain the best results, your skin shoul be properly prepared.

To do that, we apply verified PLÉSYR cosmetics which will gently clean the skin of the face, the neck and cleavage.

Time for the mask! At this stage, the biocellulose mask is put on the skin of your face. This pre-cut face mask is soaked with naturally fermented coconut water which wonderfully moisturizes the skin!

In the next stage we apply the innovative PLÉSYR beauty mask. A mini device is equipped with 7 ultrasound heads. High waves cause mimic muscles relaxation. Nutrients reach the deeper layers of the skin, giving the botox effect without toxic substances and painful injections!

That is all in short! Twenty minutes and your skin will glow, will be perfectly moisturized, nourished and radiant. What is more, the treatment can also be carried out on summer and sunny days. There are no contraindications.

We strongly encourage you to try this innovative PLÉSYR mask during your stay in NA KLIFIE. See you there!